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While a ship is being converted into a floating start-up paradise, Satoshi Nakamoto may have personally distributed a Bitcoin fortune to several addresses.

Ancient Bitcoin was moved – Was Satoshi Nakamoto himself at work?
On October 11, transactions excited the Bitcoin Space: just under a thousand Bitcoins were moved from an old wallet. These date back to the time when the legendary developer Satoshi Nakamoto was active. Are they really his Bitcoin? It is still not known who or what is hidden behind the name. What is striking is that these transactions represent already the third action this year in which Bitcoin more than ten years old has been moved.

A floating crypto-hub on a former cruise ship

If there is no more space on land, you have to switch to water. The future owner of the ship, the company Ocean Builders, wants to create the perfect conditions for start-ups to succeed: In this sense, the young companies are allowed to try out on the ship completely freely without state regulation. But it is also about the question of how to live sustainably at sea. Cabins can be purchased at auction from 5 November onwards. This is not only about business, whole families can also be accommodated on the ship. Apart from cabins as bedrooms and children’s rooms, there will also be casinos, water parks and restaurants. The cruise ship “Satoshi” is anchored in the Gulf of Panama.

Largest ICO in crypto history: Filecoin launches Mainnet
Filecoin has raised 257 million US dollars during its Mainnet launch. 205 million of this is attributable to the Initial Coin Offering, the remainder comes from the Pre Sale. Filecoin intends to decentralise data storage: Unused storage space in data centres can be used, so that data does not have to be stored on a single central server. The data should thus remain secure and accessible, while the costs of storage are reduced. Filecoin has received attention in the Bitcoin Space. Now it must show what it can do.

Fidelity Report: Bitcoin has enormous potential
Bitcoin is undervalued: This is the conclusion reached by one of the world’s largest asset managers, Fidelity. The company compares Bitcoin’s valuation with the investment fears of the 1980s. At that time, countries like the USA warned investors against investing in emerging markets. The volatility and liquidity of the shares did not bode well – the short-sighted view is still held by too many investors today, according to Fidelity. The company’s report therefore sees Bitcoin’s market capitalisation rising to up to two trillion US dollars. So far, it is only 210 billion US dollars.

Bitcoin exchange BitBay goes offline for several hours
… and then it got dark: Europe’s third largest Bitcoin exchange, by its own account, was suddenly offline on 12 October. The trading centre on Twitter has not given a reason for the two-hour downtime. Only a “Thank you for your understanding” could be read there. BitBay was already offline for a total of 18 hours in March; at that time network problems were allegedly the reason for the outage. At least the 800,000 users of the site can now trade as usual.

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