Deutsche Bundesbank uses the service of this small cap altcoin project

The Deutsche Bundesbank has tapped into a small-cap altcoin protocol for a decentralized network project. Ocean Protocol is a large data blockchain platform designed to help developers create applications that can securely publish, transmit and / or consume public and private data The German bank hired Ocean for “software integration consulting services,” according to a public announcement by the European […]

Michael Saylor enthüllt massives persönliches Bitcoin-Portfolio – Hier ist, wie viel BTC er besitzt

Michael Saylor, der Chief Executive Officer des Business-Analytics-Unternehmens MicroStrategy, verrät, wie kräftig seine persönliche Bitcoin (BTC)-Tasche ist und warum er so optimistisch über die Zukunft der Königsmünze ist. Im Zuge des BTC-Kaufs von MicroStrategy im Wert von 425 Millionen Dollar sagt Saylor, dass er persönlich etwa 175 Millionen Dollar aus seinem eigenen Geld in Bitcoin investiert hat. “Einige haben gefragt, […]

The end of banking? This billionaire investor is sure: “Cryptocurrencies will kill them”

Game over for fiat currencies ? – More and more billionaires and big investors no longer hide their enthusiasm for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Mark Yusko, CEO of Morgan Creek investment fund, is convinced: cryptocurrencies are the future, and banks will soon be the past. Bitcoin to get out of the fiasco of fiat currencies Morgan Creek Capital is a hedge […]

Top news from the crypto space

While a ship is being converted into a floating start-up paradise, Satoshi Nakamoto may have personally distributed a Bitcoin fortune to several addresses. Ancient Bitcoin was moved – Was Satoshi Nakamoto himself at work? On October 11, transactions excited the Bitcoin Space: just under a thousand Bitcoins were moved from an old wallet. These date back to the time when […]

La forte clôture mensuelle de Bitcoin indique qu’octobre sera un mois vert

La récente consolidation de Bitcoin est toujours en cours, mais les taureaux semblent tenter de briser cette tendance La cryptocouronne pousse actuellement vers sa résistance de 11 000 dollars, ce qui est un signe positif qui indique qu’un test de ce niveau pourrait être imminent Cela dit, son évolution dans les jours et les semaines à venir pourrait dépendre en […]